Kingston Lisle Cemetery

The parish council is responsible for Kingston Lisle Cemetery, and work to make this a peaceful and special environment.  We are grateful to the Nash family, who donated a strip of additional land for expansion and to the National Lottery Community fund who provided a grant for landscaping to integrate the new land into the cemetery.

Cemetery, Kingston Lisle

The cemetery is also home to the Kingston Lisle War Memorial, remembering the servicemen who lost their lives in WW1

Part of the new cemetery land was consecrated by the Bishop of Dorchester in 2019.

You can see plans of both new and old areas of the cemetery, and burial records from the opening of the cemetery in 1888 on our Burial Records page

The Parish Council has a duty to ensure that it is safe for those who visit and work in the cemetery. Poorly fixed or eroded memorials have been the cause of several accidents in the UK over the past few decades, therefore cemetery operators must carry out risk assessments on a periodic basis to ensure that they are safe. Guidelines are produced by the Ministry of Justice and by the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management, and the Parish Council follow these guidelines in testing the memorials in the cemetery.

What to do if you want to arrange a burial 

Following a loss of a loved one, the funeral director will normally contact Kingston Lisle Parish Council to arrange a burial as part of their process.   An interment request form will need to be filled in and sent to the council.  Pricing, rules and burial request form for the cemetery can be found here.

PLEASE NOTE: The old part of the cemetery is still subject to the jurisdiction of the church when arranging burials and memorial installations.  The church has a different fee structure which can be obtained direct from the rector. 

For any other queries please contact us using the form below:

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Although legal restrictions due to Covid-19 have been lifted, we would still encourage visitors to the cemetery to follow “Covid-safe” practices.