The Kingston Lisle Community charity (no: 1187447) has recently been established with an objective to support “the development and enhancement of public amenities in the parish of Kingston Lisle and Fawler, including the village hall, the playground, the cemetery and any other projects within the parish boundary, for the benefit of the public and residents of the parish”

The charity is run independently from the Parish Council but liaises closely with it to ensure no duplication of funding/projects. The trustees are Keith Jarvis (chair), Gill White and Johnnie Graham. It has funds of just over £7,000 to spend on village amenities.

The trustees would be delighted to receive ideas from parishioners on how the fund might be spent in line with the charity’s objectives. The current funds were inherited from the now closed village hall charity which was supported very generously by Mr Jamie Lonsdale and other members of the community. The trustees would be very pleased to receive further donations from parishioners, or indeed offers to fundraise for the charity.

In 2022 the charity has been pleased to support the “Queen’s Green Canopy” with the planting of three cherry trees, Prunus “Snow Goose”, in the village hall gardens.

Prunus "Snow Goose" in KL Village Hall gardens for Queen's Green Canopy

If you’d like to support the work of the charity, please contact us using the form below