Dog Show – 21 August

It is time for the Kingston Lisle Dog Show! So without giving anyone too much time to practise or bribe the judges ……..Saturday August 21st 2021 at 3 pm in the village hall. Entry cost is £5 per dog, and you can enter every class if you and your dog feel so inclined, though it might be difficult to enter both class 1 and 2!
Class 1. The most Elegant Veteran
Class 2. The most adorable puppy (2 years and under)
Class 3. The fastest dog (to be lead)
Class 4. The dog most like its owner
Class 5. The best trained dog with a consolation prize for the worst behaved!!
Class 6. High Jump
Class 7. Fancy Dress – any theme and only the dogs to be judged!
We will serve a cream tea for £3.00 adults £1.00 child and a help yourself buffet for the competitors!! There will be rosettes and prizes for the star competitors.