Update 24th March 2020

In line with Government Covid-19 instructions, the playground is now closed.

Unfortunately we have no simple way of allowing access to the grass area while ensuring the equipment is not used.

We will keep this under review and re-open as soon as Government instructions allow.

It’s great to see so many families and children using the playground.
Just a polite request not to bring kites (because of the overhead electricity cables) or dogs (except assistance dogs) inside the area.
Many thanks and have fun.

Kingston Lisle Playground was created in 2001 on land donated by the Nash family. A small team of volunteers raised the money to buy and install the equipment and they have organised its upkeep since then.

The Parish Council believe that the Playground is a valuable and unique facility. It provides a safe area for play and can be used for social and sports activities. The Parish Council supports the running costs, including mowing the grass, but needs to leave the management to volunteers.

We would be very grateful for volunteers to take on the work required to manage and maintain the playground. If you’d like to help, please contact us if you would like to help.


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