The famous KL dog show is back!

We are holding the annual Kingston Lisle Dog Show on Sunday 3 September at 3 pm in the Village Hall.  Everyone is welcome to join the chaos!  The schedule of classes is-

  1. Best puppy 12 months and under
  2. Best golden oldie – over 10 years
  3. Musical sit
  4. Best child handler/best handler (child 12 years and under)
  5. The dog who looks most like their owner
  6. Obedience class! (again split into child handler 12 years and under and open)
  7. Six best legs!
  8. The race – fastest dog at the show.  Maybe divided according to size!
  9. Best rescue dog

There will be an English tea served at £5 a head and it’s £3 a class to enter.