Village Spring Clean – update

Village Spring Clean – meet at 10am Saturday at the village hall.

First of all, thank you very much to the group of people who collect litter as they go about the village, or in fact carry out individual litter picks during the year. Your efforts and annual litter picks over the last years mean that the centre of the village (inside the speed signs) is generally clear of litter, and even the outlying areas are reasonably good.

As we are relatively litter free, we have decided to do something different for our spring clean this year. Because we very rarely have road sweepers, the edges of the roads collect mud and obscure the kerbs. This is unsightly and over time narrows the roads. We would like to spend some time clearing these, in as much of the village as necessary and possible.

As well as the usual robust gloves and footwear, if possible please could you bring shovels and wheelbarrows. KLP Estate have very kindly said they will leave a low loader in their main yard for us to dispose of the mud we collect. If you would like to clear a significant distance from the yard, it might be best to put the mud in boxes, as long as they aren’t too heavy to be lifted into a car.

We know this will be much harder work than picking litter, so there are other options if you want to help out. We will need one or two people to “stand guard” against traffic, and anyone who would prefer to litter pick or sign/bench wash is welcome to do that. If you want to do signs, please bring buckets, gloves and cloths.

General advice for volunteers, to keep our insurers happy and you safe can be found here.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday, and please join us for butties and hot drinks afterwards.