White Horse Show – good news for KL

In 1972 the White Horse Show was founded to raise funds to build a new village hall in Uffington. Given the show’s success it was decided that it should continue and all proceeds, less costs, be paid into the White Horse Trust which directly supports the parishes of Uffington, Woolstone and Baulking.  Well over £1m has been raised and distributed over the last 40 years.

We are very happy to report that this week the parish of Kingston Lisle & Fawler has joined Uffington, Woolstone and Baulking as a beneficiary of the show, meaning that we too can now apply for grants to help fund capital projects such as upgrading the playground, village hall etc.

The White Horse Show takes a huge amount of organising and it is all done by volunteers. Now that we have become a beneficiary as a parish it is important that we now contribute at all levels to the organisation of this event, whether that be joining the organising committee in a formal capacity (details can be found at this link- https://www.whitehorseshow.co.uk/about-us/) or helping the amazing army of volunteers on the actual days of the show. 

If you would like to volunteer please contact Charlie Trietline (charlietrietline.klpc@gmail.com).